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Kelsay + Morales Company is currently accepting video submissions for THE SMOKING GUN by Beverly Coyle,

a staged reading produced by Bert Rodriguez at Fringe ArtSpace in Orlando, FL.


SEEKING: Equity and Non-Union Actors local to Central Florida. 
Performers of all ethnic backgrounds, body types, and gender identities are strongly encouraged to submit.

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

The Smoking Gun
Producer: Bert Rodriguez
Director: Brandon Roberts

Playwright: Beverly Coyle

Casting Director: Kayla Kelsay Morales & Joshian Morales


Non Equity:

Actors will receive a flat fee of $975 for an estimated 65 hours of total rehearsal and performance time.


Actors will work under a OAT 1 contract: $272/week

Category 1 limitations: 22 hours per rehearsal week, and 3 performances total.

Callbacks will be held Monday, December 11, 2023.

Rehearsals will begin January 22nd, 2023

February 9th, 10th, & 11&th



(NOTE: Callbacks will be held Monday, December 11, 2023 from 7pm-11pm, location TBA.)



NEIL: a young teenager; Carol and Chuck’s son

Our insightful guide through the unraveling complexities of his parents' tumultuous separation. The narrative unfolds through Neil's eyes, capturing his genuine love for his seemingly "crazy" parents. Juggling life between two households, Neil effortlessly embodies the expected qualities of an easygoing, polite, cheerful, and flexible young boy. While navigating the disintegration of his old life, Neil addresses the audience directly, revealing his mature stoicism in response to being pegged as "just 12." His intelligence shines through as he effortlessly employs a vocabulary beyond his years, endearing him to the audience with his authenticity. Even in moments of distress, Neil's humor prevails, providing a nuanced perspective on the adult chaos surrounding him. He engages with others in the play with a perceptive nature, rarely on the defensive but subtly observing and allowing the audience to form their judgments.

BRUCE:  about 16 or 17 and George’s son, meeting Neil for the first time because his dad is dating Neil’s mother Carol.

Despite his parents' long-ago divorce, Bruce harbors deep-seated anger, cleverly masked by his humor and sharp wit. Meeting Neil for the first time due to his father's dating endeavors, Bruce takes Neil under his wing, showcasing a masterful charm, especially in his interactions with the adults. Bruce's defining moments, particularly at Kitty's child's birthday party, reveal a keen insight into the dynamics of the adults' relationships, all delivered with appropriate yet startlingly sharp language. As Neil's guide on navigating the complexities of divorced life, Bruce strategically aims to get under the skin of the two dads, George and Chuck, imparting survival skills to Neil.


THE PARENTS (age range: 30 to 45)

Note:  This play is a comedy with the dark edge. As I say, it is Neil and Bruce who have dramatic arcs.  The parents do not. They can be played almost farcically at times.  


CAROL: (Neil’s mother)

Despite the chaos, Carol is not painted as a despised character, especially in her scenes with Neil, where her genuine concern for her son's well-being shines through. Wrestling with the challenges of the divorce, Carol sees herself as doing her best, acknowledging Neil's struggles while simultaneously sticking it to her ex-husband by securing a new lover. The internal conflict within Carol is palpable, as she grapples with feelings of jealousy towards Chuck, who has left her for a younger woman.

CHUCK  (Neil’s father)

Grapples with growing shame as he navigates the aftermath of leaving Carol for a younger woman. In a constant struggle to keep up with Kitty's demands, Chuck outwardly portrays a happily-in-love facade, but the veneer is wearing thin. Although not a bad person, Chuck is self-absorbed and haunted by the consequences of his actions, particularly regarding Neil. His internal conflict is palpable as he tries to cope with the unfolding nightmare of his once torrid affair. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

GEORGE (Bruce’s father)

Presently with Carol, George sees her as a convenient, temporary companion, embodying a lifetime pattern of such relationships. Constantly buzzed with scotch in hand and an air of superiority, George views himself as above everyone else, using eloquence as a strategic tool. Despite his arrogant demeanor, there's an element of fun to him.

KITTY (newly married to Chuck, but they’ve had a baby already)

Newly married to Chuck and a new mother. Despite her attempts to compensate for her perceived shortcomings, there's a lingering sadness in Kitty that manifests in a shallow exterior. Initially affectionate toward step-son Neil, her insecurity intensifies when she senses his intelligence surpasses hers. Though not inherently malicious, Kitty grapples with feeling inferior due to Chuck's influence, juggling the contrast between her beauty and stardom and the sense of being a misfit in her new life.


Please submit a headshot and resume, and a short contemporary monologue. (YouTube or Vimeo link preferred.)

Actors may submit their video submissions by clicking the button below. (Preferred method.) If unable to use the provided link, performers may submit by emailing the link to their submission video (YouTube or Vimeo link) and a PDF headshot and resume to

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, December 6th, 2023


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