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Calling all Black singers, actors and dancers to be a part of KUUMBA, a talent showcase program designed to sharpen your skills and get you in front of the people who need to know about your creative artistry.

APPLY below for a chance to participate in KUUMBA, presented by CFEA (Central Florida Entertainment Advocacy) in Orlando, FL.

EXTENDED Application Deadline: Friday, June 30th, 2023

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KUUMBA Talent Showcase

Presented by CFEA

Work Session Dates: Wednesday July 12 - Friday July 14*

Talent Showcase: Saturday July 15 (Dress Rehearsal) & Sunday July 16 (Show)


*NOTE: Work session participants will be scheduled individual appointments on ONE of the work sessions dates based on participants availability.


Kuumba, meaning "creativity" in Swahili, is CFEA's highly anticipated talent development workshop and showcase, now in its second year. Join us in this transformative program meticulously crafted to refine your skills and catapult you into the spotlight, where your creative artistry will shine for all to see.

Our mission is clear: to amplify the presence of Black talent within the Central Florida area. Elevate your talent, expand your horizons, and step into the spotlight with Kuumba, and let your creativity soar to new heights. Together, let's make a resounding statement of Black excellence and artistic brilliance.

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Participants of the KUUMBA work sessions will bring in their own audition material to work on with leading industry professionals. All work sessions will be scheduled as individual appointments, taking place on ONE of the designated work session dates. The KUMMBA team will professionally film the participant's audition material at the end of their designated work session appointment.

The filmed material will then be distributed to participating local and regional casting professionals, directors, and other employers. (For a list of participating companies and agents, please visit Work session participants will be notified of advancement no later than Wednesday, June 30th. (NOTE: Not all applications will be advanced to participate in the showcase.) Work sessions will take place at Fringe ArtSpace in Orlando, FL.


CFEA will also produced a one-night talent showcase on Sunday July 16th at Fringe ArtSpace. The talent line up for the showcase will include select work session participants, as well as other invited artists, performing groups, and organizations.


Please submit a headshot and resume, and based on your preferred skill set please submit a self-taped recording of the following:

ACTORS/SINGERS (MUSICAL THEATRE): 32 bar cut of a song and/or a 1 minute monologue.

ACTORS (NON-MUSICAL/TV/FILM): 1 minute monologue (contemporary, classic, or Shakespearean) or short scene.

DANCERS: 45 second dance combo in any style and/or Dance Reel.

*Musical pieces should be accompanied by piano, either live or piano-only track, or an MP3 accompaniment track.

Actors may submit their video submissions by clicking the button below.

EXTENDED Application Deadline: Friday, June 30th, 2023

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