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Kelsay + Morales Company is seeking Non-Union musical theatre performers for JEKYLL & HYDE, In Concert, produced by Florida Theatrical Association.

SEEKING: A diverse cast of Non-Union, Musical Theatre Actor/Singers. 

Actors must be local to Orlando Fl, and/or the Central Florida Area. Performers of all ethnic backgrounds, body types, and gender identities are strongly encouraged to submit.

Video Submissions due by Sunday, August 14th, 2022.

JEKYLL & HYDE (In Concert)

Producer: Florida Theatrical Association

Music/Lyrics: Frank Wildhorn

Book: Leslie Bricusse
Director: Kenny Howard

Music Director: Michelle Procopio

Casting: Kelsay + Morales Company, Joshian Morales & Kayla Kelsay Morales



($1000 - Lead Role; $750 - Principal Roles; $600 - Featured Roles; $400 - Ensemble)


Callbacks will be held on Tuesday, August 23rd.

Rehearsals will start no earlier than October 5th.
Show will run for TWO NIGHTS only on October 17th & October 18th.

J&H Website Image.png


An evocative tale of two men – one, a doctor, passionate and romantic; the other, a terrifying madman – and two women – one, beautiful and trusting; the other, beautiful and trusting only herself– both women in love with the same man and both unaware of his dark secret. A devoted man of science, Dr. Henry Jekyll is driven to find a chemical breakthrough that can solve some of mankind's most challenging medical dilemmas. Rebuffed by the powers that be, he decides to make himself the subject of his own experimental treatments, accidentally unleashing his inner demons along with the man that the world would come to know as Mr. Hyde.




HENRY JEKYLL/EDWARD HYDE: (Male Identifying, 20-40) Jekyll is a doctor obsessed with discovering the true nature behind the good and evil in man and Emma’s fiancée. After he uses an experimental formula on himself, his evil side – Edward Hyde – takes control. As Hyde, he is violent, commanding, and a sexual deviant attracted to Lucy. Vocal Range: Tenor, Bb2-A4. LEAD

EMMA CARREW: (Female Identifying, 20-40) The daughter of Chairman Danvers and Jekyll’s beloved fiancée who is refined and desired by all of the socialite men. Vocal Range: Soprano, A3-C6. PRINCIPAL


LUCY HARRIS: (Female Identifying, 20-40) The gorgeous ‘main attraction’ at a local gentleman’s club. At the bottom of her luck, she becomes the object of Hyde’s obsession. Lucy is feisty and wild, but also cautious and aware. Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano/Belter, G#3-F#5. PRINCIPAL


GABRIEL JOHN UTTERSON: (Male Identifying, 40-70) Serves as Jekyll’s lawyer and helpful friend. He advises the troubled doctor on personal and professional affairs. Vocal Range: Baritone/Bass, B2-F#4. FEATURED


BISHOP OF BASINGSTOKE: (Male Identifying, 40-70) a pompous religious leader, the leader of the Board of Governors and a lustful hypocrite. Vocal Range: Baritone, C#3-G4. FEATURED


SIMON STRIDE: (Male Identifying, 20-40) The secretary of the Board of Governors and Jekyll’s rival for Emma’s affections. Vocal Range: Baritone, A2-G4. FEATURED


SIR DANVERS CAREW: (Male Identifying, 40-70) Emma’s loving father and Chairman of the Board of Governors. A charming and gentle man. Vocal Range: Baritone, C3-F#4. FEATURED


GENERAL LORD GLOSSOP: (Male Identifying, 40+) A pompous retired army man and member of the Board of Governors. Vocal Range: Tenor, G#3-C4. FEATURED


LADY BEACONSFIELD: (Female Identifying, 40-70) A judgmental aristocratic woman on the Board of Governors. Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano, C#3-G4. FEATURED


NELLIE: (Female Identifying, 18-late 20s) A flirtatious prostitute at the Red Rat and Lucy’s closest friend, a strong mezzo soprano voice needed for several solo lines throughout, should be the strongest female dancer in the show with a magnetic lovable energy. Mezzo-Soprano


SPIDER: (Male Identifying, 20-50) The owner of the Red Rat and a violent, seductive pimp, he exudes sex and danger at all timesVocal Range: Baritone, Bass


LORD SAVAGE: (Male Identifying, 40+) An arrogant and cowardly yet very self-assured gentleman on the Board of Governors. Vocal Range: Tenor, Spoken Part


GUINEVERE: (Female Identifying, 40+) The intimidating and commanding headmistress of the girls at the Red RatVocal Range: Spoken Role


POOLE: (Male Identifying, 20-40) Jekyll's manservant. Vocal Range: Spoken Role


SIR ARCHIBALD PROOPS: (Male Identifying, 40-70) An arrogant fop of a man on the Board of GovernorsVocal Range: Baritone



We are seeking a company that is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 


Please submit a headshot and resume as well as a video (YouTube or Vimeo link) of 32-bars of a musical theatre song in the style of the show, or a 32-bar cut from the show. 


Actors may submit their video submissions by visiting clicking the button below. (Preferred method.) If unable to use the provided link, performers may submit by emailing the link to their submission video (YouTube or Vimeo link) and a PDF headshot and resume to

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Sunday, August 14th, 2022.

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