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Kelsay + Morales Company is currently accepting video submissions for Gothic Manor by Michael Knight,
produced by New Generation Theatrical.


SEEKING: Dynamic comedic actors with improvisational skills and experience.
Actors must be local to Orlando, FL and/or Central Florida Area.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Saturday, June 11, 2022

GOTHIC MANOR by Michael Knight

Producer: New Generation Theatrical

Director: Michael Knight

Playwright: Michael Knight

Production Manager: Meghan Mitchell

Casting Director: Kayla Kelsay Morales & Joshian Morales


Non-Union: $20/hour 
AEA: OAT Contract

(Note: Actors will be hired as W-2 employees.)


Rehearsals begin: Sunday July 10th

Opening Night: Thursday, July 28th

Closing: Sunday, July 31st

Poster for TL copy.jpg


You're invited to a lavish evening in the ballroom of a Victorian era manor as you step into the past with this immersive, intoxicating experience. The candlelight flickers as your hosts guide you into the discovery of the unknown. Is it science or the occult that you play with... or maybe a little bit of both? Awaken your senses as you're provided with the very elixirs you need to transcend this world, engage with spirits both drinkable and otherworldly... and laugh? Oh definitely laugh. Did we mention this is a comedy? Oh yeah, for sure a comedy.


Brennen, Grace, and Alex are the Duke of Descentia’s capable, if not irreverent and wise cracking, servants, assisting him as he attempts to transcend reality and bring forth The Singulant, an entity from another dimension that promises to create harmony amongst all living creatures. Together, the Duke and his new love, the Baroness du Champagne, have discovered the elixirs and potions that will help bring forth the Singulant during this spooky soiree, but everything is not as it seems. The further into the ritual these characters go, hilariously interacting with their guests, the more the truth of the evening’s entertainment will be revealed.

Performers be advised that this is a highly interactive, immersive show. Improvisation and crowd work is required. Performers will be moving in and amongst the audience, speaking with and interacting with  them.

*Please note: This is an R rated show. Strong language, suggestive themes.


The Duke: The Duke is classic royalty—Commanding, harsh, and deathly serious. When he moves it is with purpose, sweeping from room to room like a wraith. His money comes from family, so he spends his time pushing the boundaries of mortality, both as a brilliant chemist and a dark occultist. Dark and brooding, he believes that the world can be transcended past this mundane reality. He does not suffer fools lightly, especially his servants, and considers himself above everyone… except the Baroness, who has a strange, almost trancelike hold over him.

Dave the Singulant: Dave is an eons old multi-dimensional being with the ability to grant powers and destroy reality. But he’s REALLY tired, he’s being doing this for years—and he’s bored. For being an all important being, Dave’s really down to Earth, and speaks like the wise stoner or drunk guy at the party. That doesn’t mean he’s slow—He’s very clever and witty, but he just talks like a dude. He’s gonna do his job of course, and grant the powers but… he’d just rather chill and have a conversation.


BRENNEN: Male identifying, any age. Eerie and Macabre, he is the head servant at the Duke’s Gothic Manor. Brennen is fully committed to the aesthetic the Duke has curated, choosing his words carefully in order to create an “aura of foreboding”. He is loyal to the Duke, and refuses to hear a negative word about him. Brennen is the consummate spooky professional, but when pushed by his under-servants, Grace and Alex, Brennen loses all pretense and we see his real, grumpy, down to Earth side, proving that his façade is breakable, snapping quickly back and forth from classic to modern and back again. Brennen also has no respect for the guests and will dismiss them rudely, all while making sure his service is exemplary. Nothing gets done without Brennen, and he knows it, and he thinks the Duke should know it as well.


GRACE: Female identifying, 18-35. Grace is second servant in command at the Gothic Manor. While the tone is dark Victorian, Grace lives solely in the future, choosing not to adopt the spooky reverence of her superior, Brennen. And while she may work for Duke, she doesn’t recognize any authority but her own. Whip smart, very aware, and GREAT at her job, she works here mostly for the kicks, and is quick to point out when someone else is being stupid or disrespectful, while doling out plenty of disrespect herself. Completely irreverent, Grace takes nothing seriously, and has very little volume control. She also constantly tends to and takes care of Alex, the sweet dumb dumb servant who works with her.


ALEX: Male/Female/Non-binary identifying, age 18-35. Alex is the sweetest dumb dumb you will ever meet. Not very bright or aware, they are just happy to be here. Alex is the lowest on the totem pole in the hierarchy of servants, and their best friend is Grace, one of the other servants. While they are a follower most of the time, Alex has moments of brilliance and understanding that surprise everyone. Alex is also just down for anything, and is sort of a glutton for punishment, disregarding all consequences and saying whatever pops into their head. Alex will bring you a drink or… do whatever, really.

BARONESS DU CHAMPAGNE: Female Identifying, 20-30's. This role is CAST, seeking understudy only.


People of all races, ages, abilities, sexual identities, gender orientations, faiths, and other backgrounds are welcomed and highly encouraged to attend.


New Generation Theatrical is seeking a company that is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and there will be weekly testing requirements for the cast, crew, and creative team.

TO SUBMIT: Choose one (1) of the show monologues provided in the DROPBOX LINK.

Actors may submit their video submissions by clicking the button below. (Preferred method.) If unable to use the provided link, performers may submit by emailing the link to their submission video (YouTube or Vimeo link) and a PDF headshot and resume to

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Saturday, June 11th, 2022


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