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Kelsay + Morales Company is now accepting video submissions for Lizzie the Musical and Kiss of the Spider Woman produced by Florida Theatrical Association.


SEEKING: A diverse cast of non-union, pop/rock Singer/Actors for Lizzie the Musical and strong musical theatre Actor/Singers and Dancers for Kiss of the Spider Woman. Performers of all ethnic backgrounds, body types, and gender identities are strongly encouraged to submit.

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, June 6th, 2023

LIZZY Logo.jpeg


Producer: Florida Theatrical Association

Casting Director: Kayla Kelsay Morales



Director: Kenny Howard
Associate Director: Jerry Jobe Jr.

Music Director: Rebekah Piatt

Music and Lyrics: Steven Cheslik-deMeyer

Lyrics, Book, and Additional Music: Tim Maner

Music and Additional Lyrics: Alan Stevens Hewitt



Director: Kenny Howard

Associate Director: Cherry Gonzalez

Music Director: Rebekah Piatt

Music: John Kander

Lyrics: Fred Ebb

Book: Terrence McNally



Rehearsals Begin: July 5th

Show Run: August 4th - August 13th


Rehearsal Begin: Beginning of October

Show Run: November 10th - November19th



$1,000 - $1,500 stipend 

$500 - $1500 stipend, depending on role


LIZZIE THE MUSICAL: Rage! Sex! Betrayal! Bloody murder! In the heat of late summer 1892, Andrew Borden and his wife are found murdered in their house. The main suspect in the murders is Andrew’s youngest daughter from a previous marriage, Lizzie Borden. Using a searing rock score, and based on the historical record, LIZZIE explores the heady and heated days leading up to the murder and Lizzie’s controversial acquittal of all charges and the creation of a new American myth.

LIZZIE: Female-Identifying, High belt: F#3-F#5 (belt to A5 if possible.) She is damaged, twisted. She can turn on a dime from fragile, broken, meek and obedient to conniving, sinister, furious and terrifying. She is a wounded animal backed into a corner, terrified but enraged. We find her at the moment she realizes she has nothing to lose. She is transformed through an act of unspeakable transgression, turning her own historical infamy into an ascension to legend.


ALICE: Female-Identifying, High mezzo lyric/mix/belt: G3 (w/F#3 pick-up/ghost-notes in one number) – A5 (legit soprano) Is the Borden's next-door neighbor. She is a luscious pear, the sensuous mother- sister-lover which is sorely lacking in Lizzie's life. She appears to Lizzy in her greatest moments of need and attempts to lead her away from a path of destruction and toward one of love, truth, and affection. Lizzie may have true feelings of affection her, or she may be using Alice's feelings to build an alibi.

EMMA: Female-Identifying, Alto/mezzo belt: F#3-D5. Is the older sister, eclipsed by the younger. She must content herself by playing a motherly Lady Macbeth to Lizzie, dripping her own hatreds into Lizzie's ears over the years, stoking the fires of Lizzie's rage, disappearing when the deeds must be done, and suffering with guilt afterwards. Emma is a woman who has come to see that every opportunity for happiness has passed her by. She's furious, but she's also desperately sad.


BRIDGET: Female-Identifying, Contralto/low alto: F3 (w/E3 pick-up/ghost-notes in one number) – Eb5 (E5 option in one ad lib) Is the Borden's Irish maid. She may be a Banshee, called to wail at the Borden's door. She always seems to know what is going to happen, does things one step before anyone else. She's put upon, angry, and as resentful of the Borden sisters as she is of the parents. Bridget is the Sex Pistols rock and roll nihilist; ready to fuck things up because she knows that's the only way anything is ever going to get better.


KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN: Kiss of the Spider Woman revamps a harrowing tale of persecution into a dazzling spectacle that juxtaposes gritty reality with liberating fantasy. Cell mates in a Latin American prison, Valentin and Molina immediately clash. Valentin is a tough revolutionary enduring torture and Molina is an unabashed homosexual serving eight years for deviant behavior. Over time, the men begin to connect as Molina shares his fantasies about an actress, Aurora, who famously portrayed a Spider Woman who can kill with a kiss.


MOLINA: 25 - 40. A Gay man living in Argentina working as a window dresser. Very Smart, Very Imaginative with a tremendous ability to shape language into images. His loyality, which is personified in his devotion to his ailing mother, is tested and may be his undoing. Hopelessly Romantic, he continuously loses his heart to the wrong men. Must be a strong Actor and Singer and must move well.

VALENTIN: Mid 20's to early 30's. A man imprisoned for his 'fanatical' political views. Passionate and angry, Valentine carries a deep hatred for the corruption in the Argentine Government and is not afraid to fight against those who would oppress the working class. Deeply suspicious, he trusts no one. This anger at the injustices of the world has given him a tough exterior, although he has allowed himself to love a woman named Marta. Must be a very Strong Actor and Singer

MARTA: 20's. Valentines love. Earthy and Beautiful. Appears mostly in dreams, but retains her earthiness. Must be a strong Actor and a Strong Singer.

MOLINA'S MOTHER: 45 - 60. Molina's loving mother. Careworn, but warm and loving. Years of worrying about her son have taken their toll on her appearance and health. Looking for a Strong Actor and a Strong Singer.

THE WARDEN: 40's - 50's. A hard-edged authoritarion. Sharp and intelligent, he is not without a certain amount of charm which he uses to get the information he seeks. Enjoys the position he holds. Thinks nothing of parsing out torture as long as it leads to a satisfactory conclusion. He does what he needs to do. Strong Actor needed. Needs to sing reasonably well. Mostly an actors role.

ESTEBAN & MARCOS: 20's - 40's Prison Guards. Pretty funny and comedic, but can turn deadly on a dime. Strong actors needed.

GABRIEL: 20's. Molina's current infatuation. A Waiter. Handsome and straight. He is warm and appealing, but not interested in Molina in the w
ay that he wishes him to be. Everyone's dream of romantic youth. Must be a strong singer and actor. If doubled as a prisoner, must be able to dance as well.


LIZZIE: Please submit a headshot and resume as well as a 32 bar cut of a musical selection that shows range. Actors are welcome to sing from the show.

KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN: Please submit a headshot and resume, and a 32 bar cut of a Musical Theatre selection. Actor are welcome to sing from the show. Dancers, please also include a dance reel, or short video of a dance performance showcasing technique & style. (YouTube or Vimeo link preferred.)

Actors may submit their video submissions by clicking the button below. (Preferred method.) If unable to use the provided link, performers may submit by emailing the link to their submission video (YouTube or Vimeo link) and a PDF headshot and resume to

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, June 6th, 2023

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