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Kelsay + Morales Company is currently accepting video submissions for FROM HERE, in concert,
by Donald Rupe, produced by Renaissance Theatre Company in Orlando, FL.


SEEKING: A diverse cast of Non-Union, Musical Theatre Actor/Singers. Actors must be local to Orlando Fl, and/or the Central Florida Area.

Video Submissions due by Thursday, May 19th.

From Here (In Concert)

Producer: Renaissance Theatre Company

Director/Writer: Donald Rupe

Arrangements/Orchestrations: Jason M Bailey

Casting: Kelsay + Morales Company, Joshian Morales & Kayla Kelsay Morales


Rehearsal Pay: $15/hour 

Show Pay: $75/show


Rehearsals will begin ASAP. The rehearsal schedule will be built in large part around the needs of the performers' schedules. Mostly evenings.


June 10th, 11th, & 12th

From Here Art.png


The story follows Daniel, a thirty-something gay man on a journey to find love and fulfillment amid a breakdown in his relationship with his mother. Born and raised in Orlando, Daniel is surrounded by a loving community of friends, and the musical also explores what life was like as a gay man in Orlando during the tragic shooting at Pulse nightclub in 2016. FROM HERE premiered at the 2019 Orlando Fringe Festival to enthusiastic crowds and rave reviews, and an expanded full-length version opened at the CFCArts Black Box Theatre in February 2020.



DANIEL (31 years old, male-identifying): the show’s protagonist. Funny, troubled, the glue that holds his friend group together. Wears his emotions on his sleeve, even when isolating himself from those around him. At his heart, he just wants to love and be loved. CAST. ('s Blake)


MICHAEL (male-identifying): Daniel’s boyfriend at the top of the show. He’s charming, good-looking, and kind, even when he’s ending things with Daniel. He has a depth about him and he clearly cares for those around him, especially Daniel.


JORDAN (any gender identity): Daniel’s best friend. They are like a sibling. Kind, with an edge. They take care of their friends. Great sense of humor.


JASON (male-identifying): flamboyant, loud, and proudly himself. A jokester, he has a huge heart. The life of the party.


BECCA (female-identifying): Daniel's mother. Like Daniel, Becca wears her emotions on her sleeve. She’s funny, but jaded, and values being right. Underneath, though, she’s in pain and longs to reunite with her son, but seeks individuality as well.


HANNAH (female identifying): Becca's assistant. Quirky, boisterous, and loveable, she helps the audience see a softer side of Becca. While she provides many laughs, she’s got some depth which helps Becca out of her complicated place.


RICKY (male-identifying): Daniel's new boyfriend. Sweet, with the voice of an angel. It’s no surprise that Daniel falls in love with him. He’s proudly Puerto Rican.


ENSEMBLE: a diverse group of friends.


We are seeking a company that is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


Please submit a headshot and resume as well as a video of 32 bars of a contemporary musical theatre song. (YouTube or Vimeo link preferred.)


Actors may submit their video submissions by visiting clicking the button below. (Preferred method.) If unable to use the provided link, performers may submit by emailing the link to their submission video (YouTube or Vimeo link) and a PDF headshot and resume to

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Thursday, May 19th.

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