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Kelsay + Morales Company is now accepting video submissions for

FALSETTOS & IN TROUSERS In Concert (The Marvin Trilogy),
produced by Florida Theatrical Association. 

A diverse company UNION and NON-UNION, Musical Theatre Actor/Singers.

Performers of all ethnic backgrounds, body types, gender identities, and physical abilities are

strongly encouraged to submit. Actors must be local to Orlando, FL or Central Florida.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, January 20, 2023

FALSETTOS & IN TROUSERS In Concert (The Marvin Trilogy) 



Producer: Florida Theatrical Association

Director: Kenny Howard

Music Director: TBA
Choreographer: TBA 

Book: William Finn & James Lapine

Music & Lyrics: William Finn

Casting Director: Kayla Kelsay Morales & Joshian Morales,
Kelsay + Morales Company



Rehearsal start: Week of February 5th
Opening: Friday, March 24th
Closing: Sunday, April 3rd


All roles will be paid a stipend, between $750- $2,000 depending on the role.



Falsettos is the story of a large, eccentric, and dysfunctional -- but loving -- Jewish family in New York at the end of the 1970s. Initially, Marvin seems blessed with the perfect family. He has a caring wife, Trina and a young son, Jason. Nevertheless, the family is soon broken apart, when Marvin leaves Trina for a man called Whizzer. Trina, meanwhile, ends up romantically involved with the family psychiatrist, Mendel. All the while, their son, Jason, is stuck in the middle. Included in the mix are lesbian neighbors Dr. Charlotte and Cordelia. When Marvin's lover, Whizzer, is diagnosed with AIDS, the entire family -- non-traditional as it may be -- must put aside their issues and come together.



In Trousers is the Marvin musical preceding March of the Falsettos and Falsettoland. Centering on the women in Marvin's life – his wife, his teacher and his high school sweetheart – the show comically explores Marvin's struggle to understand his own sexuality. With a fresh, contemporary score featuring a host of great songs (particularly for women), In Trousers presents a quirky, unique, heartbreaking and utterly hilarious portrait of adolescence and early adulthood.


MARVIN: 30's – Jewish. A devoted husband and father, smart, funny and charming. Struggles to reconcile his desire for a happy traditional family with his love for WHIZZER. High baritone.


TRINA: 30's – Jewish. Wife to Marvin, Mother to Jason. Charmingly neurotic in her effort to understand the conflicting feelings she has in the aftermath of her divorce. She consults Mendel, her husband’s psychiatrist and eventually marries him. Soprano/Belt.


JASON: 10-13 to play 13 – Jewish. Marvin’s and Trina’s son – bookish and awkward – Jason’s impending Bar Mitzvah, his parents’ divorce and the entrance of WHIZZER into his life leave him confused, angry and trying to sort it all out. Tenor.


WHIZZER: 30's – Extremely handsome, athletic, and confident. HIV positive. Has a tempestuous relationship with MARVIN. This character can be any ethnicity. Tenor.


MENDEL: 30's Jewish. Marvin’s psychiatrist –who marries Trina and enters into the tumultuous world of her life with her son, her ex and her ex’s lover while struggling with his own feelings. High baritone.


CHARLOTTE: 30s - One of the ‘lesbians from next door’ – Charlotte is a dedicated doctor alarmed by the mysterious illness that is killing' her gay male patients. Tough, but extremely nurturing and very much in love with her partner, Cordelia. Alto/Mezzo. *Will also play a second role in "In Trousers"


CORDELIA: 30's – The other ‘lesbian from next door’ – Cordelia is Dr. Charlotte’s partner – she runs her own kosher catering business, is very keen on making a nice home– but also wants to be useful and valued for her contribution to the world. High belt voice. *Will also play a second role in "In Trousers"


We are seeking a company that is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 



Please submit a headshot and resume as well as a video (YouTube or Vimeo link) of 32-bars of a contemporary musical theatre song in the style of the show. Looking for exceptional storytellers. 


Actors may submit their video submissions by visiting clicking the button below. (Preferred method.) If unable to use the provided link, performers may submit by emailing the link to their submission video (YouTube or Vimeo link) and a PDF headshot and resume to

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, January 20, 2023

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